Boyduck Goose: His Life And Times

By Harriet Lila Baker
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Adventurous, curious, and feisty, Boyduck Goose enjoys his idyllic life on the farm with the horses, the riding students, and Miss Lila and Mr. Sam. More like a family pet than just another of the barnyard animals, he literally rules the roost. However, unlike other geese, he prefers to ride in Mr. Sams truck rather than swim in the creek or pond! Follow along with Boyduck Goose as he grows up to be a goose (his parents thought he was a duck!) and learns human and goosey (and horsy!) things as well as gets into his fair share of trouble as he explores his world. If it werent for his friend Copper and his parents, Miss Lila and Mr. Sam, poor Boyduck would have found himself without feathers before his first birthday! Humorous, uplifting, and based on true stories of the real Boyduck Goose: His Life and Times, Harriet Lila Baker has created charming books for animal lovers of all ages.

About the Author

Harriet Lila Baker is a retired schoolteacher whose specialty areas included special education, reading specialist, and elementary education. Her interests include horses, dog breeding, tennis, swimming, and of course, writing and reading poetry and prose. She and her husband have raised two children.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 64