Book On Symbols Punctuation: Do Children Know Their Basic Grammar?

By Ni Thomas
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Many experts will agree that the best time to shape a persons mind is during the critical age of childhood. Considering how the English language seems to be mangled nowadays in written or oral form, what better time, then, than now to correct this error and start with our young?

In Book on Symbols Punctuation: Do Children Know Their Basic Grammar? Ni Thomas will try to do just that, endeavoring to introduce to still malleable minds the starting concepts of how to arrange words utilizing the commonly used punctuations of the language.

Perhaps even the semicolon haters would take a second look at this work.

About the Author

London-based Ni Thomas has a diploma in childcare and education, level three. She is an early-years practitioner at Busy Bees Day Nursery. A single parent, she is mother to three children. Her hobbies and interests include poetry, singing, writing songs, socializing, and reading. She is starting University in September, to become a teacher.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 34