Book Of Rhymes

By R. D. Schiele, Sr.
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About the Book

In this cleverly rhymed book of adult-themed poems, author Richard D. Schiele, Sr., offers his observations on everything from love and family to human behavior and drugs. With tributes in Granny, Our Sister, and My Lady he reveals strong family ties and appreciation for what he has shared with these women, while in News he laments the ills which plague our society from school shootings to drug addiction to mans inhumanity to man. In Let My Afro Grow he displays a powerful sense of African-American pride in his heritage and culture, and in Meat and Booz he extols the virtues of a vegetarian life and avoiding overindulging in alcohol. With views on everything from women wearing mini-skirts to handling a significant others rejection to working for a living, Mr. Schiele shares a gamut of emotions, events, and experiences common to many peoples lives.

About the Author

Prompted by his family and the positives and negatives of life, Richard D. Schiele, Sr., creatively put pen to paper in writing Book of Rhymes. In his spare time he enjoys carpentry, listening to music, selected sports, and tinkering.

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Published: 2004
Page Count: 20