Bon Vivant Banker-Bishop: A Life In My Day

By Rt. Rev. Dr. Julius T. Makoni
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Bon Vivant Banker-Bishop is the biography and memoir of Rt. Rev. Dr. Julius T. Makoni. This book highlights key points in his life triggered by the unfolding of events on the day his father died. Readers will benefit from reading about Makoni’s life experiences in business, in the Church, and in his unique upbringing. Makoni hopes his message will inspire other people to be successful and have faith like he has done.

About the Author

Rt. Rev. Dr. Julius T. Makoni was born in Zimbabwe. He is currently an independent financial consultant for clients including banks, the Bretton Woods institutions and parastatals. He has held several leadership positions in the banking industry, including being the CEO and founding shareholder of a major bank. He has served as the Lord Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Manicaland. Makoni’s education includes a B.A. in economics; an MSc., MBA in finance; a PhD. in international finance; a Postgraduate Diploma in theology; and M. Phil, theology. He comes from a religious family in the Anglo-Catholic tradition. He has established a reputation in the world of banking and finance and is also a keen musician and golfer.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 510