Bobby: Please Come Inside

By Robert L. Sandel
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In 1938 at the age of four, Bobby and his brother were taken to an orphanage called the Good Shepherd Home. At the time, he had two parents who both took him to the Home to live for ten years. After, he moved to live with his aunt and uncle.

Writing about his life story has helped him understand immensely the dynamics of how family functions. To this day, when he sees a four-year-old, he wonders how parents can leave a child in an orphanage without showing their love and compassion. He takes you through his life where, despite not having loving parents, he still succeeded. He shows you his family relationship and how, in the end, it was through Christian love that he was successful in giving his family that he always dreamed of having care and love.

About the Author

Robert L. Sandel’s life and career began when he left the Good Shepherd Home and was told by his oldest brother, who he never lived with, that he must graduate from high school and go onto college. The rest was left up to him to make his own decisions. In 1948, he said to himself that would start a new life. The dynamics were never easy, however, he went to college and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Math and Physics. With sheer determination, he became a salesmans for Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co. In 1984, he succeeded in winning the Salesman of the Year Award and was listed in their Hall of Fame.

In 1956, Robert was married and eventually had three wonderful children, one of whom was adopted. He now has six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. All of his family are doing well. His wife became a family therapist, and has a Master’s in Social Work. His son has traveled all over the world as a professor in Communications and written a book. His three children are doing very well. His two oldest graduated from the University of Oklahoma. One has a Master’s Degree and the youngest is still in college. Robert’s daughter is an accomplished artist and has her own studio. His oldest granddaughter also became a famous artist for a new modern family. His adopted daughter is the peacemaker in the family and is an accomplished Tae Kwon Do black belt leader.

Shortly after college, Robert became a Boy Scout leader. He loved community sports such as softball, basketball, golf, and running. He served as Treasurer for his local church in Canandaigua, New York, and when he moved to Alabama he also served as Treasurer for Tuscaloosa International Friends and Tuscaloosa Emmaus Cluster. He is an avid reader and loves to read books both political and non-fiction.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 72