By Sammy Jo Pendergrast
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In a galaxy of turmoil after the end of the Great Civil War and the royal Nightstar family’s reign, an orphan thief finds himself stealing from Lord Brohain, ruler of the galaxy and Androids. Jase Bluestar soon finds himself aiding one of the last Nightstar Princesses in order for her to escape Lord Brohain’s revenge and return to the Resistance. Traveling to different planets and meeting unlikely friends, Jase Bluestar realizes that a mere thief can have a bigger destiny than one can imagine.

About the Author

Sammy Jo Pendergrast is an out-of-this-world author. When she is not in another galaxy of her creation, she is spending time with her family, daydreaming about film ideas, playing video games, or enjoying the great outdoors.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 480