Blue On Blue

By Hugh Dockins Jr
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Seeing Through the Eyes of Our Lord

As followers of Christ, we sometimes miss the mark. We can be quick to judge and slow to love and forgive. What would life be like if we could see through the eyes of Jesus, and then walk the path that He walked, and would have us walk?

Calling oneself a Christian is merely a title, but to be a follower of Christ is different. It is a daily and lifelong journey. Embarking on that journey, Hugh Dockins, Jr. asked God to give him a new heart. In doing so, Hugh’s life was turned upside down. As the Lord began His Divine reconstruction, the author had to learn to yield and seek guidance from the Holy Spirit of Truth. Since that time, years have passed, and Hugh has crossed spiritual and emotional oceans, but he is still learning every day. Blue on Blue is his testimony of the growth, purpose, and blessings that come from seeking to understand God’s will and His inspired written Word.

About the Author

Hugh Dockins Jr. and his wife Nicole reside in Aiken, South Carolina. They have three children: Blakely, Andrea, and Noah. Hugh has worked in finance for the last twenty-six years and Nicole is a registered nurse. Although life keeps them busy, they make sure that family comes first. They spend a lot of time with each other at the dining room table or campfire. In their spare time, Hugh and Nicole enjoy traveling.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 208