Blissfully Broken

By Kate Knisely
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See me, dont look at me,
But rather see me.
See every split end.
See every dirty nail.
See every blemish.
See how my hips ripple.
See the deep break that formed forever
On my chest when he uttered goodbye.
See all the scars from pains of past
Stitched by time.
See all my cracks,
But dont look at my flaws.
I am just me,
Blissfully broken.
Can you accept that?
This collection of poetry exemplifies thoughts and feelings of a young woman struggling to find herself. Through courageous actions and the delicate incentive from her pen, Knisely reminds all of us that we are more alike than we know.

About the Author

A freshman at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, Kate is outspoken, liberal, and a passionate activist for peoples equality and equal rights. She is a native of Richmond, Virginia, and currently resides in Chicago.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 80