Blinded Faith

By Alvita Lavern Crisp
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Sarah Woods has the perfect life: good job, nice clothes, sporty car, and loving parents. Suddenly, Sarahs young life changes when she unexpectedly becomes pregnant. She marries, becomes a wife and mother, and begins a new life devoted not only to her family, but to the church. As her faith continues to grow, however, Sarah becomes blinded by the mixed messages she receives from the church ministry. Are the so-called saints really saintly? Caught in a web of confusion, Sarah comes home to find her husband with another woman. To make matters worse, he has become a drug addict. With strength and dignity, Sarah must rebuild her life and start over. She divorces and remarries, then divorces and remarries again.

After two failed marriages, Sarah must work hard to make her third marriage work. Will she continue to let the ministry define her life, or will she sever the ties and create a new beginning? This is a story about heartache and loss, but more importantly, it is about the search for truth in a world full of lies and the real meaning of unconditional love.

About the Author

Alvita Lavern Crisp was born in West Virginia. She currently makes her home in Ohio. She is a graduate of Northwestern Business College and is a retired quality control worker. She is divorced and has three sons and one daughter. Crisp has a particular interest in outreach ministry.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 82