Black Ravik

By Paul D. Escudero
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Return to Jeepa, Revenge and Retrospect

About the Book

Black Ravik: Return to Jeepa, Revenge and Retrospect serves two purposes. First, it’s a sequel to Sasha Andromeda and, second, it’s a connector book that ties Sasha Andromeda to 51 Reasons to Ask 51 Questions. It explains how Vance transcended from the Mergenky world in Sasha Andromeda to living with the Xiōngmêng de Zhànshi Yūn Rén: Fierce Warriors Cloud People in 51 Reasons.

About the Author

Paul D. Escudero lives in San Diego, California, where he practices Galacticist theory and writes novels to extrapolate the Universe and the Future. During his long walks along the beach or in the park, observing aquatic life and the various birds who love this climate, he assembles the ensembles of thoughts that allow the creative spirit to conjure up a temporal reality, allowing the reader to leave the planet for a few hours and explore the universe on a scripted tour that sometimes depicts the hard realities of intergalactic strife that could one day become our future. Few questions are answered about the Galaxy in this book, but the story opens up that thought process that allows a person to journey through time and space and feel as if you they were part of it.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 440