Black Eyelids Etched In Gold

By Ciderick Cumbee
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Black Eyelids Etched in Gold - PB

Black Eyelids Etched in Gold is an electrifying collection of poetry which expresses the art of awakening the spirit. Black Eyelids Etched in Gold represents a movement of free speech tethered to a culture of explosive and energetic youth that demands to be heard. The inner energy that is dying to be released in this book will enlighten and elevate your mind in an everyday world. Whether you are dealing with an abusive nature or too much pride and ego, the poems in this book will free you from the grasp of mankind so that you can reconnect to your own spiritual journey while reclaiming your inner power. This power is your GODLY purpose which requires trusting HIS process and allowing GOD to use you for HIS will and not your own. I implore you to get lost in this spiritual journey for it will help you to understand why Black Eyelids Etched in Gold was created, to elevate and illuminate you.

About the Author

Ciderick Cumbee was born and raised in Georgetown, South Carolina. He is a retired combat military veteran who was injured in the line of duty. Since then he has gone on to do many fundraising programs to help children and widows in his community. He is fighting each day to keep a positive outlook on life while dealing with the stigma of being a veteran. He wrote this book as a treasure to help him escape from the chaos of the world. He has received many honors, to include the Wounded Warrior of the Year. He is the son of the late Rev. Felton Cumbee and Eliza Cumbee.

Ashleyn Cumbee was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. She is currently an educator who has a passion for instructing children in a manner which maximizes their opportunity to reach their infinite potential. She has a background in Psychology, Curriculum Development, and Biblical Exposition. She is the daughter of Delores Johnson and Harold Miles. Ashleyn and Ciderick are married and have five children: Kiamondi, Arianna, Noah, Alyse, and Sariya.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 62