Black Bird

By Aurora Dawn
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Black Bird is a collection of poems written throughout Aurora Dawn’s life as she struggles with childhood trauma, sexual assault, abusive relationships, self-harm and body image, and mental health and the way that it shadows and shapes her life.

Aurora hopes her words encourage those who may be searching for a glimmer of hope, promising them that it does get better, that even when things are at their absolute worst there will always be something better on the other side of each worst night. These words herein can give them the strength when they need it most.

About the Author

Aurora Dawn is a 24-year-old nonbinary, asexual person; a mother; a wife; a witch; and a writer. She was born and raised in Warren, Ohio, by an immensely kind family of educators and artists. Her father is a teacher and her mother is an English major, so she was predisposed to wordiness and writing. She was and always will be the weird, loud kid.

Aurora has two beautiful and rambunctious sons, two cats (her firstborn and terrible daughter, Tiny; and her perfect boy, Baka, which affectionately means “idiot”), and her husband, who is without any doubt the love of her life and funniest man she has ever met.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 136