Bitter Sweet

By Linda Tofanelli
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So much to love and yet

now I can see

feelings felt so long ago

as once more

wings begin to spread

But now

the eyes I looked up to so long ago

now look to me for love and trust

I will not fly away

The collection of poems in Bitter Sweet is just that. We have all experienced pain, heartache, and hopelessness. But out of those experiences, we have gained insight and hope.

Join author Linda Tofanelli as she takes us on a journey of all of the bittersweet intricacies of life—love and pain, beauty and ugliness, fortune and loss, and war and peace. We are all reminded to see the beauty in every aspect of our lives.

About the Author

Linda Tofanelli, a California native having an interest in poetry, began writing about people in the world news and individuals who have had an impact on her life. She also assisted Vincent Cangello, M.D., editing his medical articles written for the Healthcare Reform Education Institute.

Linda started her working career with the Western Pacific Railroad in San Francisco, where she met her husband, Ron. Prior to the railroad, she worked for Sherwood Medical and Aetna Healthcare, taking time off for the births of her two sons, Jeff and Chris.

The poignant and most crucial times in Linda’s life were the losses of her loving family members and her most treasured are her two sons and two grandchildren, Madigan and Maxton.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 46