Bitter Or Better: The Melisa Schonfield Story

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By: Melisa Schonfield

How many times have we been in a situation that pushes us to our limit and we feel we have no way out? For Melisa Schonfield, her breaking point came when the justice system failed her and she decided to take matters into her own hands—by hiring a hitman to kill the father of her grandson.

Melisa’s family was the last place you would expect to find a murder-for-hire plot. These were esteemed members of the community. But having done the wrong thing for the right reason, Melisa had to make choices as she was going through the legal system and divorce. This intense true story shows how she chose to find herself better and not bitter in the midst of chaos and adversity.

About the Author

Melisa Schonfield has closed the door to her days of fundraising, playing Girl Scout leader, PTO president, ballet company president, and wife. Her newest door includes being a granny and she continues to be a mom, a sister, and a friend. She’s always had a calling to help others, and while that hasn’t changed she has learned a lot about self-care. She was a psychotherapist for a couple of decades and now she uses those tools for herself. She loves her dogs and traveling, and even though she’s a better swimmer than a sailor, she enjoys small sailboats. Melisa is also very happy with a paintbrush in her hand as she tries to make the world a little more colorful.

Published: 2022
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