Birds Without Wings

By Irshad Sisters – A&M
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Birds Without Wings: True Short Stories

About the Book

“Annie’s stories give me hope that instead of accepting the things we cannot change, we must change the things we cannot accept. “

Rachna Khare Executive Director – Daya Inc., Houston Texas

A collection of short stories inspired by true events and in collaboration with Daya South Asia Women Shelter, Birds Without Wings offers an in-depth, at times brutal glimpse into domestic violence and the cultural stereotypes many South East Asian women face when entering into, staying in, and getting out of relationships.

Educate yourself. Only through awareness of the situation, and with the help of NGOs and shelters, can we overcome these stereotypes and make life better for victims of domestic violence.

About the Authors

The Irshad Sisters – Annie & Mariya – are originally from Pakistan. They come from a military background and are residing in the West, continents apart but together at heart, connected by the same spirit, similar interests, and ideologies about life.

One a doctor and scientist in cancer medicine, and the other a systems analyst in energy and utilities industry, both are humanitarian, global citizens, and care for environment and its people. Each takes out time to read and mentor, spend quality time with family, and they are lovers of the great outdoors.

Birds Without Wings is their debut book, which highlights the common issues in most cultures. Both have actively volunteered in domestic violence shelter homes, food drives, wildlife protection programs, relief camps, with children and adults with special needs, in retirement homes, and are currently providing services to a few similar causes in their region.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 178