Big Red

By T. Martin Koller
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When Dream Qwest, an electronics corporation with ties to the military industrial complex, and in direct competition with the virtual reality gaming industry, releases a new gaming concept whereby a gamer can go anywhere in the world, experience any adventure, play any sport, or create one’s own scenarios between friends or lovers—all from the comfort of home—it’s not hard to imagine how popular the software becomes. After all, all one needs is a Big Red and a game, purchased, of course, through Dream Qwest.

All is fine until a federal prosecutor for the state of Illinois is found dead wearing a Big Red. Now it’s up to Agent Frank Kelly to quietly recover the Big Red for the government in a case that threatens to expose a deeper corruption.

About the Author

T. Martin Koller was born in the City of Philadelphia to working-class parents. Thanks to his mother, who loved books and had an extensive library and who had him read Gibbons’ Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ancient history is now one of his favorite subjects.

Koller joined the U.S. Navy after graduating high school at 18. Afterwards, Koller joined the Philadelphia Police Department, putting his language skills to good purpose. Most of what he was involved with allowed Koller more of a chance to grow his own theories about the world we live in, such as the ruins in Peru and the ancient Peruvian pottery.

His literary tastes include the likes of Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov, two of the greatest. Now, he is intrigued by the future of humankind, particularly quantum mechanics, a potentially dangerous new field of inquiry. After all, how many past civilizations have reached our present stage of development only to suffer total collapse?

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 114