Beyond The Plan

By Dover Kincaid
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Michael Raven is a highly successful businessman who is accustomed to pursuing and acquiring anything and anyone he wants. He is sole owner of Raven Enterprises (RE) a conglomerate of manufacturing, transportation and shipping companies. He has recently acquired Triage Route Management (TRM) in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has come to Shreveport to see the operation firsthand, and to make sure the President knows what is expected of any company that is part of RE.

Elise Abbott is a single mother who has worked tirelessly to acquire a Middle-America lifestyle for her family and herself. She has overcome a bad marriage and dropping out of college in her early twenties when she found herself pregnant and her husband unreliable. She hasn’t dated in years, and has no time for a relationship with a man. She has come to TRM in Shreveport, Louisiana to implement a software program they recently purchased from her company.

When Michael and Elise meet, they feel an immediate attraction. Michael pursues; Elise resists. Will these two focused individuals be able to forge a lasting relationship?

About the Author

Dover Kincaid is a retired Software Consultant. She lives in Dunwoody, Georgia. She has always enjoyed reading romance novels, and has always had the makings of romance novels floating around in her head. In fact, her pen name came to her when she was thirteen years old. Retirement finally gave her the opportunity to transfer some of these ‘makings’ into her computer.

The author is the mother of a son and a daughter; both doing well in their respective lives. Her children tell enlightening stories about growing up with a mother who regularly worked ninety-hour weeks, who sometimes traveled five days a week, and who had a group of diverse friends to help care for them when she traveled. Some stories will make you laugh; some might make you cry; some might make you wonder, “What was she thinking?”

In addition to the Shady Pines Series, the author has written a series entitled Stories of the Desert. She is also working on a series of romance novels under the title Southern Skies Series. She is hoping to have these books published soon.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 272