Beyond Our World: The Exciting Story Of A Treasure Hunter, Historian, And Adventurer

By Myron (Mike) Baker
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For a persona womanlike Bridgette Baker, planet Earth is too small to contain a burning passion that encompasses all that is, whether of nature or man-made creations, and her abundant gifts.

In the seventy-five years of her life, Bridgette Baker never wasted one moment. Some people exist, she lived to the fullest.

In Beyond Our World, by Myron Baker, husband of Bridgette, recounts the amazing life of an adventurer, world traveler, artist, archeologist, historian, and collector, always intensely loyal to family and friends.

About the Author

Myron (Mike) Baker is the husband of Bridgette Baker, the subject of this book. A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Myron, or Mike, was born January 30, 1930. He lives in the pages of the book, as do his wife, and most of their family members and friends made all over the world.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 204