Beyond Imagination: The Story Of The Stones

By Jim Wilson
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About the Book

These stones can change your life; whether it is for better or worse is up to you. You must remember that no one can see or hold the stones while they are in your possession. You must always protect them. Never, and I mean never, hold the black stone in your hands; the evil will consume your soul and you will do evil things with the other stones. So, protect them, keep them safe, and they will do your bidding. But they can be used to destroy the world, always remember that.

Liam, a bright farm boy with an endless imagination, is always looking for the next adventure—after his chores are done, of course. Little does he know his next adventure will take him somewhere he never thought possible.

After meeting a strange but intriguing man named Atlas, who shows him his collection of mysterious stones, Liam agrees to take on the responsibility of the stones without realizing what he’s really getting into.

Beyond Imagination: The Story of the Stones teaches us that good should always triumph over evil, and if you start a task you should see it through and give it your all. Life is yours; use your imagination to help achieve your goals.

About the Author

Jim Wilson is an avid outdoorsman. He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and gardening. He also paints abstract art by pouring acrylic paint; he makes ink pens on a lathe. Jim loves to talk and tell stories.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 80