Beyond Imagination

By John Kofi Amoah
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Myths were made for the imagination to breathe life into them. So it is with John Kofi Amoah, who weaves an imaginative fantasy about the origin and development of the human race and its most precious commodity, petroleum, that is truly a tale Beyond Imagination. Amoah tells the story of Princess Kalibella, of the realm of the earth, and Prince Nalibella, of the realm of the sea, and how from their marriage, all that is humanculture and technologysprings forth as their union brings supernatural forces into play. As the story unfolds, John relates the punishments meted out to us by Mother Nature and Mother Earth and the splitting of mankind into different breeds, cultures, and races. Most of all, he relates the story of petroleum, created from the kings wine and hidden under the sea for mankind to find and use. The legacy of oil, worlds yesterday, today, and tomorrows most dependable necessity, is the source of our prosperity and our despair, our unity and our conflict, and is surely a subject of mythical proportions. It is his hope that this story will engulf readers in fighting for peace on earth.

About the Author

A native of Ghana, John Kofi Amoah is a marine worker in the oil industry. His interests are story writing and music. He enjoys the company of Gods given friends in this life, who have become his inspirational uplift.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 104