Betrayed Innocence: Catholicism Child And Member Harm, Protestantism Comparison

By Marty Jung
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Betrayed Innocence: Catholicism Child and Member Harm, Protestantism Comparison tells the story of Marty Jungs harrowing sojourn through parochial education, a kind of dark night of the schools. In intimate detail he describes the mental and physical harm that was inflicted on him and his fellow students.

Jung says he writes now because this story needs to be told. But he also goes on to try to put his painful experiences into a broader context, one that will provide a deeper understanding, and suggest remedies; so that this maltreatment will not happen again. In this pursuit, Jung delves into the beliefs and practices that animate religious educators, and more broadly, the faithful themselves.

Betrayed Innocence is a book that will evoke painful memories in some, spark outrage in othersbut which ought to inspire concern and compassion in all.

About the Author

Marty Jung is a chemist, a former federal employee, and an entrepreneur. He worked for the EPA and is a veteran. Jung attended Catholic schools for sixteen years, and has a B.A. in chemistry. Raised on a poultry farm, he hunted, fished and played basketball as a youth. He is now married, with a daughter, a son and five grandchildren.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 136