Bernie Or Bust

By @BernieOrBust with Patrick Walker
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"Highly recommended" ~A.J. Matthews

Political organizers Victor Tiffany, aka @BernieOrBust, and Patrick Walker started the Bernie or Bust movement of 2016. This book does much more than tell the story of how they accomplished this feat. In addition to correcting the record of distortion created by the corporate media about the movement, the authors:

  • Provide a list of grievances that justify revolution in the United States,
  • Offer a set of principles for non-violent responses to a government of the wealthy,
  • Give readers a thorough yet easy to understand review of neo-liberalism (the establishment's political philosophy),
  • Present an exercise to grade Trump, Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the characteristics of neo-liberalism and fascism,
  • Convey a manifesto for transformation of U.S. into a democratic order,
  • Build on the system analysis presented in One Party Planet,
  • Suggest a resistance strategy to undermine Trump anyone can participate in
  • Explain electoral leverage for 2018 and 2020..

The essential first and last three chapters are of great concern to voters and all people who want to better comprehend the provocative dynamics of past and future elections. Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt also provides a first-hand account of the initiation and operation of an innovative, unprecedented grassroots, Internet-based political strategy. Useful to activists and of interest to historians, the memoir chapters 2-9 give a remarkably nuts and bolts picture which will be of interest to other activists and organizers. Owners of this unique text are encouraged to #ShareThisBook after finishing it.

Bernie or Bust: Pioneers of Electoral Revolt provides a first-hand account of the initiation and operation of a grassroots political strategy. The memoir chapters give a remarkably nuts and bolts picture which will be of interest to other activists, but the first and last three chapters address voters and all the people who want to better comprehend the provocative dynamics of the 2016 election.

About the Author

Victor Tiffany cut his teeth with political activism during the nuclear freeze movement of the 1980s. When the Citizens United v. FEC decision was handed down in 2010, he became involved in the movement to get a constitutional amendment passed by Congress to make it clear money is not speech and corporations should not have the rights of human beings. By 2014 he came to realize American plutocracy would never be outlawed and democracy legalized without a revolution. Building the nationwide Bernie or Bust movement was a labor of love for him.

Patrick Walker—a political revolutionary, activist, strategist and writer—is also co-founder of Revolt Against Plutocracy, the co-creator of the Bernie or Bust pledge and, most recently, a founding member of the Progressive or Bust movement. A veteran anti-fracking and Occupy activist, his writings have appeared in CounterPunch, Salon, Truthdig, OpEdNews and Nation of Change.

 Acclaim for Bernie or Bust:

  • "This book went to the top of my political 'Must Read' books" ~Deborah B. Reynolds
  • "This is a must read for anyone who likes to think for themselves...." ~Tracey
  • "The 'go to' book for making sense of current political reality...." ~Benedict Ulcak
  • "...the book scores highly is in the wealth of advice included for activists, voters, and future progressive movements." ~A.J. Matthews
  • "Bernie or Bust signaled the beginning of the end for the fearful lesser of two evils mindset...." ~Richard Moser
  • "The ultimate goal of this book is clear: to spread the message." ~Matt Butler

Published: 2018
Page Count: 316

Customer Reviews

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Paul Kinzelman
Good history of a revolution

The good, the bad, and the ugly of trying to stand up to the establishment madness - a detailed history of the Bernie or Bust movement.


I enjoyed a "insider" perspective. Leared a great deal about the issues I am concerned with as a true Progressive and Bernie supporter.Thank you and I will pass it along.