Benzie The Balloon Dog

By Anne-Marie Cadwallader, Illustrated by Katie Deveau
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When Benzie the Dachshund puppy arrives at his new home with his new family, away from his mother and brothers and sisters, it doesn’t take him long to notice The Difference. You see, Benzie might be growing longer, but he’s not growing taller as time passes. Frustratingly, he sees the world only from the bottom up.

Though his family is kind and fun to be with, Benzie wishes for more. He yearns to see the tops of things, to fly high as a bird…or a balloon! And though the family cat warns him: Be careful what you wish for! Benzie keeps wishing.

Will Benzie have his wish, and will it make him happy? More importantly, does happiness come from getting what you want, or from being who you are?

About the Author

Anne-Marie Cadwallader was born and grew up in Manila, Philippines. She has been an interior designer, home stager, and a realtor. Her greatest love has always been writing—poetry and children’s books.

Cadwallader lived in North Texas for many years before moving to Southwest Florida recently to retire with her husband, two dogs, and a cat. All of her life, she’s been surrounded by animals, beloved as pets and companions. Her children have grown up with pets as well and have shared the joy of special relationships and responsibilities of caring for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, fish, and birds.

About the Illustrator

Katie Deveau has always had an avid interest in art since childhood. She began to seriously pursue it in high school by starting private lessons in watercolors and then attending Ball State University where she graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Fine Arts, specializing in Watermedia.

Animal symbolism plays a heavy part in her works. Katie relies especially on her extensive background in dog grooming as a source of knowledge of animal physiology that shines through in these works, giving them a unique and recognizable flair. Katie’s hope for her children’s book illustrations is that they stimulate creative thinking and foster new generations of creators.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 128