Ben And Me

By Mike Upchurch
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Ben and Me takes place on the Western plains of Texas, chronicling a young man named Mark Collins and his encounters with a ranch foreman named Ben. Little did Mark know at the time that a tragedy which had occurred years ago in Mark’s life had also involved Ben. Through the passage of time though, Ben and Mark form a deep relationship. Ben and Me reflects on the love Mark has for Ben and the things he was taught. 

About the Author

Mike Upchurch is a former Pastor and a retired motorsports chaplain. After a successful racing and announcing career, he now works in North Mississippi as a Facilities Manager. He also continues to minister when given the opportunity. His fiancé is a schoolteacher and offers her professional critique to all his projects, including a published children’s book and several short stories.

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A profoundly touching and fulfilling story. From the very beginning of Ben and Me you find yourself drawn in and wanting to know more. It is a beautifully written story with the perfect use of informal diction and vivid description that will engulf your senses. The story will have you fully invested in the lives of each character as the story unfolds through Mark Collins’ memories, one of which changed his relationship with Ben forever. Ben and Me is an unforgettable story with an extraordinary plot twist that will leave an indelible impression on you.

Published: 2023
Page Count: 34