Beloved Brit

By Helen Faye
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Imagine finding your soul mate, the person you will love forever with all your heart and soul, and knowing it cannot last, that it will not last because you are from two different worlds, and no matter how you try, you will not be able to bring the two worlds together. Such is the unfortunate reality faced by Fayette and Edward. Coming out of a bad divorce with three mostly behaved children, she was not looking for a serious relationship. Edward, an officer in the RAF, was not looking for love either, knowing he will one day be rotated back to England for the rest of his tour of duty. However neither can help themselves as they fall deeper and deeper into love, positive they are meant to be togetherand then the problems begin to crop up, forcing them apart, separating them with more than an ocean. Timeless and tragic, Helen Faye skillfully tells the sad but romantic tale of Fayette and her Beloved Brit.

About the Author

A retired accountant and native of South Carolina, Helen Faye, her husband, James, and their JRT, Sparky, live in Dallas, Texas. In her spare time she enjoys genealogy, travel, and music.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 128