Believing In Yourself The Handbook A Philosophical View By K. R. Robb

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About the Book

Believing in Yourself the Handbook: A Philosophical View
By K.R. Robb

All things in life are attainable. K.R. Robb outlines how this is possible within the pages of Believing in Yourself the Handbook: A Philosophical View. This new handbook maps the pathways to personal success via mental strength and perseverance. Concise and powerful, this philosophical approach emphasizes the power of the individual over his or her own life.

K.R. Robb offers up memorable tips and quips as to the ways in which the determined individual may deal with potential snags in the new lifestyle. K.R. Robb draws from his own experiences to enlighten the reader.

After reading this, only one tool will be necessary for achievement of whatever you want in life: yourself.

About the Author

K.R. Robb was born in Baltimore City in 1957. He attended Baltimore City Public Schools. By being an urban dweller (living in Baltimore City), he has observed many facets of life, including early childhood pregnancies and street corner gangs. In spite of all of his encounters with such negative experiencesand becoming a father at an early agehe has grown to be a self-sustaining entrepreneur. He attended Baltimore International Culinary College and currently owns and manages his own catering business (Crusade Custom Caterers and Event Planners). He is also an insurance agent and an associate with U.S.A Surety (a bail bonding company).

Mr. Robb is also founder of Americas Youth Unlimited, which is an entrepreneurial program for youth and young adults, a program dedicated to bringing about a change in our society. Americas Youth Unlimited is also the proud sponsor of the Believe In Yourself Movement. He truly believes the uniqueness of his personal experiences qualifies him for the task he has chosen as a life motivator.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 44