Belief - Faith - Trust - Hope

By M. R. Sobers
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Young people search for fulfillment in a variety of ways. Many will do whatever it takes to be popular, rich, or famous. If you’re a young person, what will your life look like? What if you knew that before you were even born, there was a journey designed for you to follow, one that was handcrafted for you specifically?

In Belief – Faith – Trust – Hope: The Ultimate Journey for the Youth of Our World, you will learn more about this journey. It won’t be an easy road, but the treasure you will find will definitely be worth it. This book will help you get the most out of this journey by helping you see the four actions that will be required of you: believe; have faith; humbly trust; and provide hope to others.

So grab this book, sit back, and enjoy finding yourself through losing yourself in God.

About the Author

For more than two decades, M.R. Sobers has dedicated much of his life to mentoring the youth of his community in various forms. He has been a coach in various sports, including Basketball, Baseball, and Football. He has also sat on the Executive Board of the South Brunswick PAL, encouraging boys and girls to become exceptional student athletes. Aside from sports he has also supported young men in the Princeton Alliance Church youth groups.

To say the least, he has taken every opportunity to show the youth of his community that every young person can fit into society and thrive while building a satisfying and encouraging relationship with God.

M.R. Sobers resides in New Jersey with family.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 142