Being Delivered Through Hard Times

By Guy Gray and Cheryl Ward-Kaiser
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Being Delivered through Hard Times is a story of exalted faith told from the alternating perspectives of
two incredible survivors. Once strangers, Cheryl Ward-Kaiser and Guy Gray came to see how perfectly
their life stories complete the other. An adoptee and a mother who placed her son for adoption discover
each other as the unexpected answer to their prayers, a clue into the mindset of the person they quest
for, and the hope for reunification. Cheryl and Guy recount the experiences, and trauma, of their lives
that simultaneously challenged and reinforced their faith more than any would think possible.
I was honored with the privilege of reading their story and soon realized their genius in two parts—first,
lives as implausibly challenging as theirs have been, and the courage needed to survive them, could only
act as a beacon of inspiration to others. And second, that faith tested as often as theirs has been, and as
inexplicably carried through to the radical healing of everyone touched by these wonderful human
beings, could only have one explanation—clearly, God has a plan for them. In their own words, Cheryl
and Guy guide us by the hand through the most heart-wrenching moments of their lives, just to prove to
us that their faith is what pulled them through. This story is an absolute must-read and will definitively
restore the faith of all who read it and change our lives for Good.
Thank you, Guy and Cheryl, for your passion and refusal to let pain and suffering go unanswered by faith
and love.
God bless you,
Nicholas Orrick

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 55