Being Cammy?

By Patrick J. Shead
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Being Cammy? is the story of the life of a crossdresser, who started at age thirteen. What started out as curiousness of what it would be like to dress as a girl became more the birth of Cammy and all of the adventures and challenges that go along with it—including love, good and bad situations, having to fight for your rights to just be you, and making friends and some enemies along the way.

Will Cammy give up? Will she make her dreams come true? What will the price be for her to make her dreams come true?

About the Author

Patrick J. Shead likes watching movies and also acting. He has been in a lot of plays and was also a multiple-day extra (sixty days) on The Patriot. He loves cooking and spending time with friends and family. Patrick also enjoys listening to most types of music.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32