Being Bipolar

By Kim Gere
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Being Bipolar is one woman’s real-life story about mental illness. While battling bipolar disorder, Kim Gere has four friends murdered. She is also a victim of attempted murder, stalkings, violence, child abuse, domestic violence, celebrity “Me Too” stories, and celebrity drug stories. Kim’s fight with bipolar shows how she came to cope with the ups and downs of anxiety and depression. This book can relate to many people, young and old, and will hopefully be able to help someone who is struggling.

About the Author

Kim Gere’s hobbies include reading and writing and pop culture. Special interests include reading all different types of books, mostly nonfiction. She enjoys TV and movies as well, and she also has a close relationship with her parents.

Kim has taken numerous college classes, with a special interest in psychology, and she has read many bipolar memoirs, but her story is unique because she goes into the symptoms and drugs unlike other authors.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 202