By Jean Bartos
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Beginnings is a sprawling story of an American century, set in the Tyrolean and Italian immigrant communities of Pennsylvania. Louise and Stanley and their daughter Gena struggle to make peace with their pasts, fall into and out of love, and experience tragedy and joy against the backdrop of passing decades and changing social mores.

By turns elegant, romantic, and devastating, it is a portrait of hopes and compromised dreams, of church dances, mineworker taverns, beauty salons, and Caribbean cruises, over-brimming on every page with compassionate wisdom.

About the Author

Jean Bartos is interested and active in the creative arts, including writing, oil painting, sketching, and calligraphy, and she has acted, sang and danced in plays and musicals. She took college courses, worked in the business world, and is a graduate of Empire Beauty School with a teaching license in cosmetology. She is the former operator and owner of Jeans Puttin on the Ritz, a beauty salon. She has been a volunteer tutor in a local literacy program, and is a member of the Black Diamond Writers Network.

For relaxation Jean plays chess and piano, reads books, and practices Yoga and Tai Chi. She is now retired and lives with her husband, Fred, in Pennsylvania.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 220