Beethoven's Eternal Promise

By Eric Ludwig von Knipe
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Nick, an aspiring musician, runs away from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Trying to escape the pain of his girlfriend’s death, he finds himself alone and homeless on the streets of London. He is haunted by a legendary, but very dead, musician from another century. Nick turns to drugs to drown everything out. He is rescued by Madeline, a beautiful Swiss doctor.

After spending a couple hundred years in hell, Beethoven is given a chance at redemption. He must win over the love of his life so he can spend eternity with her. He finds in Nick the perfect conduit to make all his dreams come true.

Inspired by Madeline’s faith in him and Beethoven’s persistence, Nick forms a band and soon reaches rock star status. But the strain and stress of Beethoven’s constant presence mixed with the demands of his new life cause Nick to spiral out of control.

Will Beethoven, through Nick, create a final masterpiece to save his soul? Will Nick survive his encounters with this mad man or will it prove too much for his fragile mind?

About the Author

Eric Ludwig von Knipe has always loved classical music and has been a lifelong fan of Beethoven. He is of Austrian/German/Swiss/Irish background. He currently lives in Beverly Hills, California, and has three daughters: Kelly and twins Charlotte and Isabella.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 150