Beatrice's Journey

By Randa Gedeon
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After a long year apart, Martino is back in Beatrice’s life—shrouded in just as much mystery as ever. The star-crossed lovers pick up with their fated love affair, as soul mates destined for each other. But Martino’s strange work life and sudden disappearances begin to grate again on the strong-willed Bea. Will one secret too many finally tear them apart?

About the Author

Randa Gedeon is a writer of screenplays and short stories. As a student of film, she manages a film review blog when she’s not writing romance mystery stories. She enjoys traveling, reading, and music. She lives in London, United Kingdom. The first mystery of Bea and Martino, Read All About It, is also available from Dorrance Publishing.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 30