Be The Light

By Jessica L. Maricle RN, Reiki Master Holy Fire
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Every event can be seen as positive or negative. It’s all about perspective. And sure, from the depths of hell, it’s difficult to see any positive other than, “Well at least it’s warm!” But even in the depths of hell there is still hope.

Be the Light encourages readers to find peace and happiness in being themselves, even in the darkest times. Amidst a world of well-meaning family, friends, and strangers telling you to, “Get over it,” or reminding you that, “You need to be positive,” it can be hard to figure out that first, critical step to recovery.

About the Author

Jessica L. Maricle RN, Reiki Master Holy Fire, is a Holy Fire Reiki Master realizing her intuitive and empathic side. She was an RN with 25 years of experience, having worked with cancer patients, home care, orthopedics, and med-surg. In her teens, she was an interior attack fire fighter and was also on an extrication team that did competitions in the upper US.

Sharing her own story of trauma, Jessica L. Maricle inspires others to take that first step in a positive way that doesn’t discount their experiences because she understands. Follow her journey of recovery from a car accident, loss of income and career, to empowered Reiki Master. Within, she shares her battle with depression, anxiety, PTSD and suicidal thoughts, and through the darkness, she discovered herself and her purpose in life. She hopes the same for you, too.

Jessica married her high school sweetheart, even though they re-kindled their love years later, having married later in their lives. Their blended family has a combined six wonderful children. Also the proud “parent” to two ducks, a rooster, steer calf, dog, and two cats, Jessica has a great love for animals.

Jessica enjoys the challenge of hard work, loves the country and travelling. Her ultimate goal is to live in an RV and travel the U.S., giving Reiki and inspiring those in need.

Published: 2020
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