Be Decent: Environmental Activism 2.0

By Samantha Joule Fow
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Climate change, pollution, extinction, and other serious environmental problems are making us all a little sicker and a little sadder every day. Our leaders are doing very little – and often, nothing at all – to stop our most threatening environmental hazards from getting worse. Our centralized institutions are failing us in this regard, and we can no longer trust them to act in the public benefit.

But we are finding ways to harness decentralized technologies (aka “decent tech”) for ourselves in a manner that helps us protect our communities and ourselves. Decent tech in the hands of decent people can save our planet - all we have to do is Be Decent.

"Be Decent is an in-depth and through resource for the betterment of our society and the future health of the environment."

Nadine N., Environmental Attorney

About the Author

Samantha Joule Fow

When not working for the clients of Axiom Communications or pondering the mysteries of our relationships with technology and the environment, Samantha Joule Fow can be found on her yoga mat flowing through a moving meditation or climbing the crags and ice flows of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Published: 2022
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