Basteele The French Bulldog: Book 2 - My New Sister

By Sharon Rojohn
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Basteele the French Bulldog: Book 2 – My New Sister

Basteele is back with a new adventure - and a new title: Big brother! But for Basteele, the experience of getting a new sister is not a welcomed one. Follow along as he confronts the challenges that come with the addition of his new baby sister, such as jealousy and learning to share, while also discovering the wonder, fun, and unconditional love that she has to offer.

The Basteele the French Bulldog series is an easy read for young children that is cute and funny, and parents and pet owners alike will love that, in its own lighthearted spirit, it draws many parallels between raising children and adopting pets. 

About the Author

Sharon Rojohn is the owner of two adorable French bulldogs. Their antics and expressions both amused and inspired her to write about what they may be thinking “in their own words.” She is an avid animal rights advocate who strongly supports organizations and shelters that rescue abused and neglected animals in order to help them find loving homes. 

"Sharon: Finley was so very excited to receive her new book. She said: he got a baby sister!!!"

Published: 2018
Page Count: 48