Baseball After Life

By Edward Cicchesi
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When Roman King decides that after high school graduation, he will not try out for college baseball and will instead marry his high school sweetheart, Linda, his father, Dave forces Roman to try out anyway. As the warring father and son duo fly to Honolulu for the try outs, they crash on a deserted island where they face not just the demons of the sea, but of their own minds.

As Roman and Dave struggle to connect and survive, Roman develops the physical strength and unique skill set to succeed as an outstanding baseball phenomenon–if only they can get off the island.

This story captures the essence of young love and parents wanting the absolute best for their children. Read how Roman achieves his dreams and that of his father’s in ways never even imagined.

About the Author

Edward Cicchesi is a retired Director of Special Investigations New York City Transit Authority Department of Buses with 28 years of service. He dedicates this book in loving memory of his beautiful wife, Linda, of 50 wonderful years of marriage.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 138