By Amy Sutton
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Banjo is the story of a working dog left at a rescue center with a broken leg. In an unlikely love at first sight encounter, his sad, soulful eyes connect with Angie who works at the shelter. She then breaks all the rules and brings the injured dog home, knowing beyond a doubt that Banjo will come to impact the lives of many in their small, closely-knit town. Through his uncanny canine intuition and peaceful demeanor, Banjo reminds the townspeople to be kind to one another, help those in need, and recognize those who offer their graciousness. Banjo is skillfully written, entertaining fiction where wit meets word mastery. A profound and cleverly woven plot with relatable genuine characters, a remarkable repartee between them all.

About the Author

Amy Sutton graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in playwrighting. She has won various awards for her poetry and short stories and has published three books: The Healthy Executive, The Daisy Field, and Eternity's Chance. She is a retired fitness instructor, singer, and teacher who educated via entertainment at assemblies throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Her volunteer work earned her the Cal Berkeley's prestigious Rosalie Stern Award. Amy now resides in Texas so that she and her husband can be closer to their two children and four grandchildren. Currently, she is editing one of four other books that she has written.

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Banjo is a novel that reminds the reader of the goodness that is among us. It is the story of a dog that touches the hearts of not just his owners, but an entire small town. Families and friends work together to overcome tragedies and their lives become enmeshed in a fabric of love and support, led by the example of a very special canine, a rescue dog that rescues humans.

The book is a page turner; most of the chapters end on a note that make it very hard to put the book down. The plot flows smoothly, and the characters are well-delineated.

Written with great sensitivity, it is a testament to an author that has very clearly understood how dogs make our hearts swell.

Banjo is a great summer read and a must-read for any dog lover.

John S.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 254