Band Of Scars

By Amanda Cimaglia
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Band of Scars follows five friends/bandmates in the country of Plyno—a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean home to supernaturals. The story is told from the perspective of a human, Madison Williams, and her ex, werewolf Ryan Engleheart.

Madison and Ryan arrive at their college, University of Orcho, ready to start their sophomore year. Unique circumstances draw Madison and Ryan to their future bandmates—Arizona Reynolds, Lea Travis, and Riley Underwood. When Ryan learns that his brother is being released from prison, he turns to drugs to cope. Madison, their band, and Ryan’s pack do what they can to help him overcome his addiction.

Band of Scars falls into the new genre of magical realism, and while there are many supernatural and magical elements, the core of the book relates to the human experience. Each of the five main characters struggle with their demons from their past.

The author hopes readers take away that, regardless of blood, you make a family wherever you are. Madison and Ryan found their family in Arizona, Lea, and Riley. They’re all different and from different walks of life, but they become each other’s family. Band of Scars is about embracing your scars and your demons and learning to accept the baggage that your friends carry with them.

About the Author

Amanda Cimaglia works full-time in social services. When she’s not at work or writing, she is probably procrastinating on her graduate schoolwork, playing with her two dogs, or spending time with her husband or friends. Cimaglia loves to travel, especially to places where she can reconnect with nature. She spends her weekends exploring new restaurants, bars, and coffee shops with friends. She received a bachelor's in history and secondary education from Bradley University and spent four years teaching high school in Arizona before moving back to the Chicago suburbs where most of her family lives.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 194