Band Of Angels

By Amy Davis
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About the Book

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Band of Angels

In the continuing battle between Heavenly forces and the dark armies of Hell, Satan seeks to execute a plan, hatched centuries ago, to sneak into Heaven, defeat God, and finally seize the eternal throne to himself.

With all the tricks up his sleeve at his disposal, Satan leaves barely a room for any thought of failure at all. However, time and again, God has a way of dealing with such high-minded air; and this time, yet again, he looks at a lowly human being to bring down the mighty air of the great pretender.

Alisha, the human being, is even a long shot from being too enamored with God. She even believes God is not particularly fond of her, too.

What happens when Alisha and Satan finally confront each other will decide the fate of the world.

About the Author

Amy Davis was born and raised in New Tazewell, Tennessee. She attended Union County High School and currently works as an assembler for a medical and health care manufacturing company. New Tazewell is still her home and where she has also developed her fascination for angels and portrays them in her book in the way she has imagined them to be.

Published: 2012
Page Count: 30