Bailey The Berryville Bear

By Ronit Bailey
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Though funny and charming at home, Bailey the Berryville Bear is very different at school. Bailey is in the 2nd grade at Berryville Elementary in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia, but he struggles with social anxiety, which prevents him from connecting with people and making friends. Bailey's birthday is fast approaching, and without a single friend to invite to the party, his mother suggests that Bailey embrace his true self and his own unique humor. Perhaps revealing who he really is will help him overcome his anxieties and make new friends. Follow Bailey as he learns to communicate honestly with his mother and his classmates.

About the Author

Ronit Bailey is originally from Israel. She moved to Atlanta in 1999 to raise her family. She is the mother of three amazing adult girls, who are her inspiration for this book. She is also a grandmother to a beautiful little boy. As a mother and elementary school teacher, she has seen many children struggling with social anxieties and through persistent communication was able to find creative ways to help them. This book was inspired by these experiences.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 38