Badness: The Psychology Of Life

By Clifton Bevin Campbell
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Drawing from a revelation made to the author as an infant, his personal and religious beliefs, Badness: The Psychology of Life shares with the reader a sprawling social, moral, and spiritual philosophy.

Campbells own revelations have sparked an intriguing outlook on politics, history, and divine manifestation that brings new insight into the lives we live in the modern world and the social responsibility we all share with one another.

About the Author

Clifton Bevin Campbell grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, where he continues to reside. He is an active member of his community through regularly teaching Sunday school, leading a youth debate team, and educating prisoners at the notorious Gun Court Prison for nearly thirty years. Campbell, a steadfast Roman Catholic, is married and has five children.

Badness: The Psychology of Life is Campbells first published book.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 230