Bad Lands

By Taou Badawi
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After the great war between the North and the South, two black Americans, John Quincy and Milo, hooked up with each other heading west to seek out their destiny. Along the treacherous trails, death and danger lurked everywhere as they contended with thieves, murderers, rustlers, and posses bent on bringing would-be black pioneers back to the Northern plantations, from whence they came. In one such encounter, they saved a group of black people, desperate to found a place they could call home, from the hands of one such posse, led by Kas Lavender.

In the plains and mountains of Colorado, J.Q., Milo, and the group of black settlers found a new meaning about human existence, discovered a new way of living, established roadshows, and found meaningful partnerships and relationships, while loving and dedicating themselves to the land.

But is all of it ever meant to stay in their hands, when Kas and his crew never ceased to cast murderous eyes against the blasphemous newcomers?

About the Author

Taou Babawi originated from South Carolina, where he also went to school. He now lives in Washington, D.C., where he currently works as a mason engineer for a construction company. Aside from his job and writing, Babawi spends his time participating in church activities, arts, and outdoor sports.

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Published: 2012
Page Count: 208