Bad Habits

By Robert Lee Griego
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Bad Habits, a murder mystery crime drama horror, is based on a true story. Following the traumatic tale of Sister Mary Christine, she takes it upon herself to target innocent children and harm them. When a victim has the chance to expose Sister Mary Christine, a whirlwind of secrets is exposed as others try to destroy the evil infiltrators of the church and every sector in society. Many good people were broken trying to find out why the church and Monsignor McGee is covering the secrets of Sister Mary Christine’s evil ways.

About the Author

Robert Lee Griego was born and raised in California. He enjoys sports, music, art, and exercise. Mr. Griego has also written a film, Bad Habits, which will begin production in 2021. Griego has special interests in ufology, Detores Cannon, and loves to research missing years of the Messiah. He is the grandfather of three grandchildren. Griego has been writing for twenty-five years. He is also a motivational speaker.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 194