Babylon Doom: Return Of The Israelites: Noah: 1St Death

By Joseph Johnson
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Babylon Doom: Return of the Israelites: Noah: 1st Death

Babylon Doom: Return of the Israelites, NOAH is the shortened version of the story of Noah and the great flood, better known as the first death, according to the Scriptures. Richard combines the true account of Noah and the ignorance of the people prior to the great flood with graphic novel artwork to bring Noah's ancient story into the modern day. It is a powerful warning for us to pay attention to prophecy and the current state of the world. The Most High warns of final judgment, the second death, FIRE.

About the Author

Joseph's passion in life is teaching the lost sheep of the world in the Last Days. His interests include reading history books, staying fit, and custom pick up trucks and muscle cars.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 38