Baby Animals Live With Me

By Pearl C. Rodgers-Hatch
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Do you know what its like to have playful, purring kittens pounce about with curious, sniffing puppies? Have you ever tried to wiggle your nose like a dwarf rabbit, as he hops, hops, hops? In this wonderful collection of childrens poetry, Pearl C. Rodgers-Hatch describes the playful antics of small furry friends, delighting in their games and manners. As she and the animals agree to take in another resident, we see that her main lesson is one of compassion, a lesson no one is too young to learn. With its delightful illustrations, Baby Animals Live with Me is a collection that all children would love to read or have read to them by a loved adult.

About the Author

A native of Britain, Pearl C. Rodgers-Hatch currently lives in California with her husband, Stephen, where she works as an elementary daycare teacher. The mother of three, she enjoys writing, reading, tennis, interior design, and fashion display.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32