By Colville Young Jr., M.Ed., M.B.E
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Walter Moore lives a rather un-extraordinary life; he is a math teacher in a quiet town whose favorite pastime activity is tending to his garden. After the death of his controlling father, Walter decides it is time for a change. He takes time off from his job, reconnects with some old friends, and even agrees to attend a swanky art exhibition opening, at the behest of his good friend Jennifer.

Shortly after Walter’s evening out, a tragic and mysterious death at the art gallery sends him and his friends searching for answers, leading them down a rabbit hole filled with shady art dealers, unexplained illnesses, and demonic possessions.

About the Author

Colville Young Jr., M.Ed., M.B.E was born in Belize. He was the treasurer of the now defunct Belize Chess Association, the former director of the Pallotti Chamber Orchestra, and has adjudicated numerous music competitions in Belize, Jamaica, and Cuba. He volunteers his time as an organist for his church, St. John’s Cathedral. Colville and his wife, Alice Yolanda Young, have one daughter and three sons. They reside in Belize City, Belize.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 114