B Town's Finest

By Angelica S. Grant 
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Straight out the hood... Born to live, raised to survive. A family of lawyers, businessman, prostitutes, and gangsters looking for a way out. This is their chance to go big. Wanting to become bosses and willing to die trying.

Shaunta was much older than Chase when they met. She was 31 when he was 16. She never thought that a young man, such as Chase, would still her heart. His mother, Janet, didn’t approve of him being with an older woman, such as a Shaunta. After his father had been murdered in the streets of B-town, his mom didn’t know how the bills would get paid. At 16, Chase took to the streets so he could help out his mom with the bills and his two younger siblings, Jerry and Sheila. Dusty Sr., a retired street pharmacist from New Orleans, takes Chase under his wing and teaches him the true meaning of a hustle.

About the Author

Angelica S. Grant was inspired to write this book because people believe there’s only two ways to make it out of the hood: kill or be killed. She grew up this lifestyle, like Shaunta. She wanted to change and do better and now hopes people will become inspired by this story to take risks in order to do better- every fall can only make you stronger.

 Angelica S. Grant is a single mother with a love for poetry. She earned her Associates Degree of Applied Science in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Delgado Community College in New Orleans. She has since moved to Kansas. Grant has also earned her CCMA (Certified Clinical Medical Assistant). Helping people has always been a passion of hers and she is currently in the process of becoming a foster mother.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 154