B-A-L-L-I-N-G: Life On The God Level

By Pastor Adrian D. Clayton
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BALLING: LIFE ON THE GOD LEVEL is an in depth journey into the attributes needed to start living your best life now. Pastor Adrian, provides practical yet effective instructions on how ordinary people can reach Baller Status. Although replete with biblical principles the concepts presented can be understood and applied by anyone who is ready to move from being ordinary to living the extraordinary life that God has purposed.

About the Author

Pastor Adrian D. Clayton, is a husband, father, and the spiritual leader of one of the fastest growing churches in Chicago. He is also a life coach with a passion for seeing people reach their full potential. Outside of his ministry work, Pastor Adrian holds a Bachelors of Science in Finance Degree and a Certified Records Management designation from the Institute of Certified Records Managers. 

Published: 2005
Page Count: 32