Ayurved Darshan

By Dr. Vaida N.M. Ketkar
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Ayurved Darshan offers a concise and detailed depiction of Ayurved and is intended to provide modern physicians with an understanding of this ancient scientific heritage. Ayurved (literally knowledge of life) originated sometime between 1500 and 1000 B.C., and current studies include five hundred thousand practitioners in India today. Within the international medical community, however, many professionals only have the vaguest comprehension of the practice. This text is intended to clarify the theories of Ayurved and to bring traditional theories into contact with modern research capabilities. These holistic methods can compliment technological advances in medicine to create increasingly beneficial treatments. Ayurved Darshan depicts the basic principles of the branches of Ayurved and presents an authentic picture of this valuable heritage.

About the Author

Vaidya N.M. Ketkar is a native of Maharashtra, where he was born into an orthodox Brahim family. The first of his family to study medicine, he attended Ahmednagar Ayurvedic College. He later attended dental school in Bombay and then joined the Army Medical Service. After serving in numerous capacities, he returned to lecture in Government Ayurvedic College. He was then selected by a public service commission for research in Ayurvedic sciences at civil hospital Ahemedehad. Later on he served as assistant director of Ayurred in Maharashtra State until retirement.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 370